Why we moved to Menorca…

Mar 5, 2018

If you’ve been following Jess and myself for a while, you’ll know that in July 11th 2017, we uprooted our life in London and chose Menorca to live and work?

We delve into the why we did this over on our Menorcan Retreats site but I’m going to give you my spin on things today.

So…Why Menorca?

Surely there are so many other places we could have chosen?

Both great questions and as you’ve asked, here’s why…

At the time of writing this blog post, the weather prediction for tomorrow is as follows:

Temperature in London: 3°C (light snow and breezy)

Temperature in Menorca: 16°C (sunny)

It’s not just the weather, though that makes a huge difference.

The love affair with Menorca started over 30 years ago when Angie (Jess’s mum and one of the partners in Menorcan Retreats) first set foot on this amazing island. Her initial brief was simple: A place within 2 hours flying time of London where the sun shines a lot. She has owned a house here ever since, has Spanish residency and lives in a beautiful 260-year-old Finca (farmhouse) near Sant Lluis.

Jess spent some of her childhood & school years on the island. Idyllic years where children were free to roam outside, shared with their wonderful Bernese mountain dogs, surrounded by crystal seas & stunning beaches. A carefree childhood spent playing with her 2 brothers, and making the most of a sun-kissed life, in a place where kids are welcome and family is the centre of Menorcan culture.

Fast-forward….. Jess met me (Tom), just over 4 ½ years ago at a health talk. The connection was established, and the flame ignited. After many ‘business meetings’, they finally dropped the facade and became an item in London. Time passed, and I was invited to spend a week in Menorca.

Now, I am well travelled around Europe and many other parts of the world (as are Angie and Jess), but when I first set foot on Menorca, the connection was instant. The investigation revealed that the island is a UNESCO-protected World Heritage site. There is SO much history, much of which you will see and experience on the Menorcan Retreats.

Stunning beaches and secluded coves. Factoid: Menorca has more beaches than Ibiza & Mallorca combined – over 100 of them.

It is quiet, safe, deeply spiritual, and has a healing quality about it that draws people here.

Fast-forward again…one thing led to another, and in front of 130 close friends, Jess and I were married on the northern tip of the island in June 2016. The seed had been sown, and a year later we said goodbye to London life and relocated to the island – a decision that every morning fills them with joy and inspiration. The magnetism that Angie and many others experienced, drew us here.

With 30 years of experience here, Angie’s network on the island is vast. She’s our go-to person, but also our fountain of fun! Jess and her mum are huge foodies and share a passion for locally sourced products (the fresh fruit, veg and fish are AMAZING), and the creation of new, deliciously tasting healthy recipes. The Retreats are their personal playground! Their art of combining healthy/tasty/soul-enhancing foods on our Retreats is a joy to behold.

My big passion is being outdoors. I’m an adventurer at heart and love nothing more than discovering new trails, hikes, magical spots to share with others. My previous experience in events management is instrumental to the safe and seamless running of our Retreats.

Jess is a newly qualified Personal Trainer as well as being at the head of her game as a nutritionist. The Menorcan Retreats are her baby, she took the concept initially. It is her passion project, the detail that goes into every element of the retreat process is from her loving eyes.

Together, our knowledge from living in Menorca and our combined passion for our homes, and the quality of life the island offers, puts us in a uniquely strong and perfect position to provide a World Class getaway for those who take the step to book with us.

You’ll never look back.

Be aware that no two retreats are the same, and they can become addictive!!

Click here for the next retreats and how you can experience Menorca at its best.


We’re Jess & Tom! A husband and wife team, sharing workouts & nutrition made simple from our island home in Menorca. Our mission? To help people get and stay in shape, and enjoy the journey along the way. We love to travel, hike & bring together inspiring people.