We’re Jess & Tom! A husband and wife team, sharing workouts & nutrition made simple from our island home in Menorca. Our mission? To help people get and stay in shape, and enjoy the journey along the way. We love to travel, hike & bring together inspiring people.




I don’t know where to start!

Most people who come to see Jess and myself for nutrition/fitness/change support through our online coaching programmes, don’t know where to begin with turning their health around. It can feel somewhat overwhelming and confusing, so we both like to strip things right...

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Do morning rituals matter?

I thought I'd focus on morning rituals as it’s a question that we get asked about a lot, and it’s something that Tom and I have really tried to focus on personally. If you're wondering where to begin when it comes to making improvements to your diet and lifestyle, my...

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3 tips for quick energy

With lots of health and fitness projects on the go, juggling summer, unpacking, long distance travel and work, life is feeling pretty busy right now and my body is feeling somewhat z z Z! I'm not sure if you're in this same place as me energy-wise, but if and when you...

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6 simple tricks to make your smoothies even better

The topic of smoothies has been coming up A LOT n my nutrition clinic so I thought it would be useful to share 6 simple ways you can make your smoothies healthier...without breaking the bank and forking out a load of money on 'superfoods'. Are smoothies good? Are they...

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How to trick yourself into exercising

It's Tom here,I’m currently sitting in a cafe in the Port of Mahon with the sun on my neck, appreciating some time to enjoy a nice coffee, relax, and write this email to you. One thing that Jess and I hear all the time from the many people that we meet or talk to via...

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A 20 minute killer home-workout

Here is  is a killer 20-minute workout for you to try at home. Since becoming a qualified Personal Trainer I've been loving experimenting with my workouts so I thought I'd share this one with you as it's a simple one, but don't underestimate its simplicity - it's...

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Digital detox

So, I mentioned the word ** detox **. Don't worry, it's not the kind you might expect. The detox that Tom and I have been enjoying this past month has been of the digital kind. With Tom's stroke in December, it brought on an understandable flood of messages. The...

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3 steps to healthy nails

This post is dedicated to everybody who would love to know what to eat to get those cracked or easily breakable nails back to great health. If you've had a shellac-filled past few weeks/months or even if you haven't painted your nails, if your nails are just looking a...

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6 tips for amazing skin

Skin health is an area I'm really passionate about. Skin health is an area I'm really passionate about. In my mid teens and early to mid 20’s I’ve had periods where my skin hasn’t been the picture of health! I’ve had outbreaks on my right cheek, on my t-zone,...

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