Meet Antony

Apr 26, 2019

Jess and I are back from New York and we had a brilliant time.
Jess will write up a blog post on where we ate, what we did etc. incase you have a future trip there planned, but in short, we walked an average of 19,000 steps each day and explored the city by foot, by air via an amazing helicopter trip (100% recommend it), we ate at some amazing restaurants, enjoyed many a cocktail and spent some great quality time with each other and our friend James who we stayed with whilst we were out there.
It was great and it’s good to be home.
In today’s article, I’d like to introduce you to Antony…
From injured and an expanding weight and waistline to looking better than ever and running the London marathon in three days time, his story and continued focus on improving himself so he can show up for his family, for his work and for himself in bigger and brighter ways makes Jess and I really proud.
The purpose of this message to you is threefold.
Firstly, to give credit where credit is due to someone who Jess and I have been working with for nearly nine months now.
Secondly, to wish Antony (and all the other marathon runners) all the very best in the London marathon this weekend.
Thirdly, to make you aware of one of the services that Jess and I get immense pride from doing, which is our 360 Coaching
I have bulleted the key areas to keep them to the point.
  • Antony was not out of shape when we started working with him so he did not have lots of weight to lose, however, he went from 84 kg to 75.2 kg in 5 months – losing predominantly fat but adding quality muscle! In old money that is from 185.2 lbs (13.23 stone) to 165.80 lbs (11.84 stone). 12 stone was his goal.
  • He had a serious ankle injury when we started working together which was really getting him down; especially as he had a goal of running the London marathon which is this coming Sunday! He was struggling to even walk then. Fast forward a few months and Antony ran a 22 miler a few weeks ago and is looking all set for a brilliant marathon in three days time.
  • He was 49 at the time we started working together and wanted to be in his best ever adult shape for his 50th birthday! He booked a fitness photoshoot for his big day in January to increase the level of accountability and the result? His transformation surpassed his expectations and he was so proud of the progress he’d made, as were we. He felt great and most importantly, he still does today – three months later, which shows that all the changes we incorporated have been sustainable for Antony as he’s kept up with the shape, the strength and the positive focus.
  • He wanted to be able to do 20 press ups in one go; his previous best was 12! The last time he performed a set of pressups he did 35 in one go (nearly double the initial goal!) and on another day he did 5 sets of 20 to total 100 press ups in a workout! Boom.
  • He was keen for his sleep quality to improve and have good energy reserves throughout the day – this has been achieved.
  • Antony has a successful international business which has meant that during the months that we’ve worked together, he has travelled all over Europe, to the USA, to Africa, and all over the UK. He has a very demanding business life so naturally his training had to fit around this with hotel workouts, home gym workouts and outdoor workouts planned to keep his body moving whilst being geographically on the move.
  • He has an amazing family and has had family holidays where he enjoyed himself immensely. His birthday celebrations went on and on and on! He was not a saint by any means (nor would we want him to be as life is for living, and 50th birthdays are there to be enjoyed). 80% of the time he was focused on his goals, which meant that 20% of the remaining time he was focused on living life to the fullest.
  • His birthday was in January and he has maintained his goal weight of 12 stone for the past 3 months – no short-lasting results followed by rebound weight gain.
  • We worked on a smart weight training exercise plan which evolved every week, we formed great nutrition habits, we focused on a can-do mindset and we kept things simple. Most importantly, Antony followed what we told him to do … most of the time 😉
  • For more detail on Antony’s story click this LINK and scroll down to the section which reads ‘Meet Antony’ and you’ll see his transformation in his words, with a few pictures. 


I just wanted to say very well done Antony. 
You wanted a new focus and we are very proud to see you found it. From ‘trialling how we worked’ for one month back at the end of August, to now for us still to be working with you 9 months later and you’re keen to continue after the marathon for the new goals we will set gives us massive smiles on our faces.
Enjoy the marathon. We are happy to see you are far better prepared than you were when you ran it at 40, and I am sure you’ll enjoy the jog around one of the Worlds most incredible Cities.
If any of you reading this feel like you have some goals within you that you are not sure how to make a reality and want to see why Jess and I have such high retention rates with our few 360 clients then please reply to this email.
Wishing everyone running the marathon this weekend the very best of luck.
Enjoy yourself.
Onwards and Upwards

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