Jess’s everyday smoothie

Jul 26, 2019

6 days out of 7, this is my breakfast. I have the top drawer in my freezer reserved for smoothie’able ingredients and in the mornings after I’ve finished with my morning yoga/personal training clients, I whizz the below ingredients together, sit on the sofa, put my feet up, and enjoy 5 minutes of ‘me time’.

On the odd occasion when I’m back-to-back from 7am until beyond mid-day, I’ll prep the smoothie when I get up, put it in a chilli bottle to keep it cold, and then take it with me so that I have a good solid breakfast and don’t reach for anything naughty on my way home from clients. This kind of breakfast set up is what I recommend to a lot of my nutrition clients who have busy mornings and not a lot of time to prep anything more complicated.

Healthy grab and go food options aren’t readily available here in Menorca, not like in the UK, so you really do have to be extra prepared on the food front. 

The below recipe is the one I most often make; I love the flavour, I really enjoy the balance of protein, good fats and fibre and it keeps me satisfyingly full.

Serves 1

🍍A scoop of plant based protein, I use a few different brands (@formnutrition@welleco @sunwarrioruk or @usanaincMySmart)
🍍300-400ml milk (usually oat, coconut or almond, or just filtered water)
🍍A handful of frozen spinach
🍍1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
🍍Half a frozen banana
🍍A chunk of frozen ginger
🍍The juice of half a lemon (I have these ready made into ice cubes)
🍫 in the run up to my period I’ll maybe add some raw cacao in to make it really chocolatey for my chocolate fix 😋

Blend all the ingredients in a blender and either enjoy it straight away, or transfer it to a chilli bottle or stainless steel container to keep cool.

I’ll sometimes add some berries, frozen pineapple or mango depending if I’ve worked out that morning but otherwise I keep the sugars low and stick to veggies.

What’s your normal go-to smoothie combo? Share in the comment box below.

Wishing you a great rest of your week.


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