A Valentine’s Day message from Tom

Feb 14, 2018

So, I thought it a good time to write a post about looking at love from another angle, as I am sure you have been bombarded with messages about roses, chocolates, passion, and other short-term loved-filled things.

It is no revelation to say; everybody loves to be loved. It’s a great feeling and one of the many amazing emotions we are gifted with being human.

I feel very lucky to be here right now after my recent experience in South Africa (explained here). To have another Valentine’s Day with Jess, my family and close friends and to watch others around me find love and be loved by theirs – is very heart-warming.

Now, if you really love your significant other, family and friends, then you really should be doing your utmost to keep yourself in tip-top health and fitness.

Why so?

The reason being that if you are ill, you can’t focus your energy on them; in fact, you end up being a drain on their energy!

If you are stressed, you cannot properly focus the attention they deserve on them.

A better shaped version of you brings benefits to you as well as your partner. Let’s face it, being in shape is attractive but it also reflects the weeks/ years where you’ve taken the time to look after yourself.

Add to this the statistic, reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) 2018 Fact Sheet, that physically active adults have a 20% to 30% reduced risk of premature death compared to people who are sufficiently active and up to a 50% reduced risk of developing major chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancers, the benefits of exercising are crystal clear.

The message is simple – by looking after yourself now, it’ll enable you to spend more quality years with those around you and it’ll reduce the chance of them having to nurse you!

Personally, I want to experience adventure, travel, spend quality time with friends and family when I’m feeling full of energy and have more of me to offer them.

I’m guessing that if you are reading this you then you already have an interest in your health and are taking steps to be the best you can be; it is often the ‘converted’ we end up ‘preaching’ to.

However, sadly you are in the minority as 80% of the world’s adolescent population is “insufficiently physically active” according to the WHO.

This is similar to how most people, if asked, would say that they eat a balanced diet; a topic regularly covered by Jess through her newsletters, talks and this blog.

Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom as I know you are looking after yourselves for your loved ones. It is all about loving yourself (or respecting yourself if that sounds better to you) for them and I hope they are loving themselves enough for you too!

One last point; it is never too late to start a healthy and loving lifestyle. Whatever your age and whatever your activity level.

There are 168 hours in the week, so spending 3 of them being active is not a big ask. Planning is key, and those three hours are your time to look after yourself for those you love.

Spending a little extra time reading labels on foods and cutting down on sugar and processed foods is a loving thing to do. Cutting out the trans-fats and hydrogenated fats is also a loving thing to do, just as having a glass of chilled water instead of a fizzy drink or a juice is a loving thing to do. I am sure you get my drift.

It’s all a change of mind-set and looking at the bigger picture. Ask yourself how do you want to look and feel in ten years from now? Will Valentine’s day in 2028 be one where you are in the best health and shape you can be for those you love?

Finally, how will things have changed just one month from now on March 16th? Start things now and live in the body you deserve to live in.

Have a great weekend and enjoy being loved and loving others.


We’re Jess & Tom! A husband and wife team, sharing workouts & nutrition made simple from our island home in Menorca. Our mission? To help people get and stay in shape, and enjoy the journey along the way. We love to travel, hike & bring together inspiring people.