A 20 minute killer home-workout

May 10, 2018

Here is  is a killer 20-minute workout for you to try at home.

Since becoming a qualified Personal Trainer I’ve been loving experimenting with my workouts so I thought I’d share this one with you as it’s a simple one, but don’t underestimate its simplicity – it’s tough!

Aim for 4-5 rounds in total, starting with 10 reps and dropping 2 reps each round so….10, 8,6,4, and 2 reps.

Feel free to take a sip of water in between each round.

1️⃣ Burpee

2️⃣ Reverse lunges – To make it harder use dumbbells or 2 x water bottles

3️⃣ Negative push-upsNegative push-ups just mean you start in a high plank position (with your knees touching the floor if you need to for a knee assisted push up) and then lower your body down slowly on the descent right down to the floor. Use your knees and elbows to get back up again and repeat the process. To regress the push-up (i.e. make it easier) go onto your knees – this is what I do to ensure my form is correct)

4️⃣ Bicycle crunches

Let us know how you get on with the above workout!


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